Laguna Pool Service Tile Cleaning, Pebble Tec Cleaning and Rock Cleaning Process

Step 1

To start, a trained Laguna Pool Service technician will lower the water level of your pool several inches below the tile line to make sure that all of the affected tiles are exposed. 

Step 2

Using our special pressurized equipment, we spray the tile with a mixture of natural minerals specifically blended and formulated for pool tile cleaning. We carefully clean all tiles that have calcium buildup and need cleaning. Laguna Pool Service techs take great care and use the correct pressure to clean your pool tile without damaging your tile. Once all the calcium is removed from the pool tile, the debris and any undissolved material will settle to the bottom of the pool. 

Step 3

Clean up starts with the deck and surrounding areas, as well as rinsing any residual material off of the tile. Then using our own pump, we vacuum the debris and any of the undissolved media from the pool bottom. 

Step 4

Once everything is completely cleaned and the tile has dried, we apply a sealer/protectant to restore the beauty of your tile. Lastly, your Laguna Pool Service tech will bring the water level of your swimming pool back up to the normal level.

Our special cleaning process works on tile, coping, Pebble Tec, bricks and rocks. The Laguna Pool Service cleaning process will not harm pool filters or pumps, it is environmentally-friendly and child and pet-safe!