Salt Water Swimming Pool Systems

Salt water chlorinators offer a range of advantages and benefits with none of the drawbacks of using chemicals in your swimming pool.

You will no longer be swimming in a pool of chlorine. Although chlorine gas is generated in your equipment, the residual amount present in the pool is small, undetectable by human senses and far too diluted to have any adverse effects. Thus you will find yourself swimming in water which does not affect your skin, hair or eyes.

The salt water system is virtually maintenance-free. It operates by electrolysing salt water between positive and negative electrode plates. The system is designed to reverse polarity at intervals so that there is no build up of the calcium that you would normally you would find in an electrolytic system. In addition, you do not have the chore of monitoring and adjusting the chlorine levels in the pool. The system only requires the flick of a switch two or three times a season to adjust for temperature changes.

A salt water chlorination system only requires salt to operate the purifying process. This is provided and adjusted to the correct level when the system is installed and requires infrequent topping-up. Running costs are therefore extremely low - salt gives a considerable saving over chlorine dosing.

A salt pool is a different swimming experience. Once you have tried the silky, sensuous salt water environment you will never "go chlorine" again. The salt concentration is less than 6 parts per million, which is similar to a tear-drop. The sensation is one of being pampered and it is extremely kind to your skin.