Deck-O-Seal Repair and Replacement

Deck-O-Seal or Mastic is the material used to seal the expansion joint in between the pool deck and the coping stones. Deck-O-Seal replacement is one of our specialties.

Keeping this rubber based seal between your coping and the deck water tight can save thousands of dollars. A worn-out seal can allow water to accumulate between the coping and the deck. If left unrepaired it will erodes soil beneath the deck, the coping and tile may become loose and eventually separate. We use a two part mixed compound specifically designed for this job.

Deck-O-Seal replacement includes; removing the old material, preparing the gap (packing and pouring of silica sand), mixing and neatly pouring the new material, silica sand finish and clean up. Common colors to choose from are; white, tan, gray or black. If the standard colors don't match your deck/pool area we can mix a custom color for you.

Since all pools are not the same size or shape, give us call today and we'll come and measure the pool perimeter and give you a quote. We take into consideration the width and depth of the gap. Job usually takes one day to complete with 72 hours total cure time in good weather.